Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an order?   
     Place an order by sending an e-mail to with the name(s) of the item(s) you are interested in purchasing. If a piece is in stock, it can ship fairly quickly. If not, a current pattern can usually be made to order.

Please provide the following info in your initial e-mail to help expedite the order process:
If you would like a mask hanger in brass or silver to go with your mask order.
Your shipping address, where to send your item(s), which helps determines S&H.
If you have a deadline for your order, please let Tiger know your time table.
Your name and preferred e-mail address for PayPal Invoices, or if you would prefer to pay via another method.
     Tiger will then return your e-mail, confirm details, and arrange payment. As soon as payment is received, your item(s) will ship out on the next available business day.
How can I pay for my order/items?     
     For online orders, Tiger can send you a PayPal invoice. You can pay with your credit card or bank account securely with PayPal.

     At the MD Renaissance Faire, and other conventions and shows, we will accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.     
How will my order be shipped?  
    Unless otherwise noted or requested, orders ship out using USPS, First Class or Priority. Insurance and/or other means of shipping can be arranged. Tiger uses recycled materials for shipping whenever possible.    
How long does it take to make a mask?      
    A minimum of three days to about a week, starting from a finished pattern. It depends on the complexity of the mask, the relative humidity in Baltimore, MD, Tiger's current workload, and drying times for the different layers of finishes.

    During peak periods, like during the MD Renaissance Faire, the turn around time will be longer. Thank you in advance for your patience.    
Do you offer Payment or Layaway Plans?         
    Yes, Tiger offers Layaway Plans. As an artist, she knows what it is like to want something beautiful, but not have enough money to buy it. Credit card companies charge interest, while Tiger won’t ask that from you. Layaway Plans work as follows: 
You find Item(s) that you want dearly, and arrange a Layaway Plan with Tiger.
You make an initial Payment of $20 or more, and get a note/e-mail from Tiger with your Plan details
You make payments of $10 or more, at intervals of no more than 6 months. (If you've made no payments for a period of 6 months, Tiger will remind you once, and then your Item reverts back to property of Tiger Torre Art.)
When your total is paid in full, Tiger ships out your Item(s).
    Exact Layaway Plan details can be discussed and negotiated depending on the Item(s).    
What are they made out of?  Is it real leather?  Must you use leather?        
    The masks and crowns are made from vegetable tanned cow leather. This leather is a by-product of the meat industry, and comes from cows that have likely already been consumed. Tiger believes is it best to use all parts of an animal if we are going to eat its meat, and aside from any other problems with the modern meat industry, it is guaranteed that every part of an animal is used in some way. Tiger maximizes the usage of each hide that she cuts, using smaller pieces for other products, and using the scrap for demonstrations. For most other products, a variety of cow hide is used, and again, Tiger minimizes waste.      
Can Tiger make a mask out of something that isn’t leather?       
    Tiger prefers to work in leather, and it’s honestly what she does best. There are many artists and mask makers out there who work in other mediums. She also considers it a bit like magic to take something that was once living, and transform it into a piece of art that can live again, inspiring people and bringing joy.    
Why are the prices so high?  (or, Wow, the prices are affordable!?)       
    Tiger calculates the prices for her products with a simple system. Cost of the materials used, plus a percentage for overhead operating costs, and then she pays herself about $11 an hour for labor. Each mask takes a minimum of three days to make; a hand-stitched codpiece takes over an hour to stitch. If basic cost of living or overhead goes up, so do the prices. Tiger tries to keep her prices affordable, because masks are much happier living in a new home than in a plastic stock bin.         
What kind of paints/finishes/sealers are used?            
    Most of the base dye coats are Fiebings leather dyes, very often a custom blend. All paints used are acrylics, with archival Golden Fluid acrylics the most common. All sealers used are acrylic. Tiger also recycles plastic lids for use as palettes, uses a water based cleaning blend for her brushes, and minimizes waste whenever possible.         
How do I care for my mask?  What if I need a repair?  What if my elastic snaps?     
      Care: Display or store your mask in a dry place; excess moisture could be harmful. Hang your mask out of direct sunlight if possible, and away from direct heating or cooling vents. Mask hangers are available in silver and brass, at $2 each, for display of your mask on the wall. Our mask hangers are made from recycled wire, and hook to the top of the eyeholes of the masks.We highly recommend that you hang your mask with a mask hanger, and not by its elastics.

     Cleaning: You can use a soft bristle brush to brush away dust in the nooks and crannies. We use dry, soft bristle brushes to clean the dust off the masks at the Ren Faire Booth. You can also carefully wipe your piece inside and out with a slightly damp cloth or wipe, and let air dry completely. Baby wipes or make up wipes work well for make up that may remain inside of a piece after wearing. If your mask is hanging for extended periods, dusting before wearing is highly recommended.

     Guarantee: The elastics are guaranteed. If they should become brittle, stretched, or unattached, Tiger will replace them, and paint the new elastic to match the mask. Tiger considers this a long term study into the longevity of her masks and crowns. Other repairs on your mask or crown, should the piece become damaged, can be handled on a case by case basis.      
You have mask hangers?  Will the mask hangers work for other kinds of masks?      
    We have metal wire mask hangers in silver tone and brass tone. They are $2 each. The hangers come in one basic size. This size works for almost every mask. They are wire, and you can bend them as needed to adjust for different shapes of masks. Since they are meant to hang the masks by the eyeholes, the weight of the mask will be on the top portion of the eyeholes of each mask. Because of this, thicker leather or stiffer mask materials are best for the mask hangers that we sell. You can pad the hooks of our mask hangers with clear tubing, like aquarium tubing. You can also use the laces of the mask to wrap around our hangers and hang them that way instead, but this does not work for every mask. 
What do I hang the mask hanger on? Can I get those neat hooks you have at the booth?   
    The easiest solution is a single nail, or a Command hook. There are also more decorative options, like push pin hooks or picture hanging hooks. The push pin hooks that we use at the Ren Faire Booth can be found at Picture Hang Solutions, and other similar shops.    
What's this I hear about glasses and masks?         
     Tiger CAN make the masks work with GLASSES. Never say again that you can’t wear masks because of your glasses. We usually place holes for the stems of the glasses on either side of the eyeholes of the mask, so that the glasses sit on top of the mask. Tiger needs to see you, your glasses, and the mask in person in order to make a glasses adjustment. She can generally alter stock items at an event to fit your glasses. Tiger may also be able to alter a stock pattern to work under your glasses. Again, you have to be present for glasses adjustment.       
Do you have a shop? Where is your store? Can I come see the masks?   
    Tiger works out of her home, and does not have a year round retail location. There is the booth at the MD Renaissance Faire, which is open from the last weekend of August through the second to last weekend of October each year. You can check the Calendar page for exact dates, and for a listing of shows and conventions where Tiger Torre Art will be vending.
Can I have a pattern/unfinished piece so I can make a mask?            
    Nope. All patterns drawn by Tiger remain her copyright, and are her property. She does not give out or sell patterns. If you order a stock variation on a mask or item, you may be shown or e-mailed a digital scan of your pattern for approval, but the copyright remains property of Tiger Torre Art. Additionally, Tiger will not sell a blank, unfinished mask or crown.   
Can Tiger teach me how to make masks?           
    Nope. Tiger will not teach classes, or do one-on-one instruction. You can watch her HGTV clip on YouTube, and find numerous mask making tutorial videos there. There are also a few books out there which discuss wet molding leather techniques. The basic technique Tiger uses is no secret, but please remember that this is her livelihood.     
Do you offer Gift Certificates?        
    Yes, we do. Gift Certificates are available in any amount over $10. Payment for Gift Certificates is like any other order. Gift Certificates will expire in ONE YEAR. They are numbered, individually signed by Tiger, and can be mailed via USPS to you or your recipient.

To order a Gift Certificate, Tiger will need the following information:   
Who is the recipient of the gift certificate.
The amount you would like the gift certificate to be made out for.
The address to send the gift certificate to.
Your name and preferred e-mail address for PayPal Invoices, or if you would prefer to pay via another method.
Can Tiger make a custom item?         
    Tiger does not do custom orders or commissions. She will make stock items in a different color than usual, but not custom patterns. The best way to find out if she can make what you have in mind is to e-mail, but keep in mind that during busy periods, the response may be delayed.

     Tiger does not own a heavy duty leather stitching machine. She does not make leather clothing, luchador masks, plague doctor masks, or do leather upholstery. While she has painted on a variety of leather surfaces, she prefers to spend her time producing her stock masks and crowns and working in other mediums.

   Tiger also does NOT make or repair: golf bags, wallets, leather jackets, purses, briefcases, corsets, saddles, or shoes, etc.
What other art do you have available?     
     Tiger creates other art alongside the masks and crowns. The concept of wearable, usable art is one that greatly appeals to Tiger, and so she set up shops at Redbubble, Society6, and Spoonflower to showcase her work in other mediums. Take a look at the Other Art page to see some of what is available.
How do I order a folding fan or fan pouch?       
     You can order the fan pouches at our Tiger Torre Art Square Store. The fans pouches are not available at the MD Ren Faire. There is no local pick up available for the fan pouches; they will be shipped out to your address when you place an order.
Thank you for visiting Tiger Torre Art.
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